So what have I been up to recently?

(I’ll do my best to update this blog weekly, although right now since early development is still going on with my game, I also have topics set aside that can be filed with the ones I have on my navigation, to give you an idea.)

I am now art lead for an action/RPG mobile game, as well as a one-shot visual novel, but I’m only a team member and collaborator in those so I will not be posting much things from them very often, unless given permission as a press release. As of my own project, I will be releasing more updates about that here though.

I currently am working on a visual novel based on a trilogy of books I wrote during college, the majority of which are up on my deviantArt, with the exception of the last of the trilogy (I’m trying to work out plot holes, which both the light novel I’m working on based on that, as well as this visual novel, are addressing). While I appreciate it if you took a look at them, my current style of writing is in the light novel, CPA: Chronicles, because that’s more recent work. While visual novels don’t read like traditional novels, a similar tone of voice will be used in the game though.

Even if you’re not familiar with the series at all though, the visual novel is fairly stand-alone since it’s a prequel to the books, so don’t worry. The setting will relatively be the same, and with the exception of a few characters and other references, everything else is new. Heck I’m still in the middle of renaming the entire series, and therefore I don’t have a proper title for this visual novel yet. My naming abilities has been terrible the past few years, so any suggestions or spurts of inspiration are greately appreciated!

That said, let’s get down to business!


Final portrait sketch of Mimi, one of the main characters.

The story centers around a continent known as Gaea, which is located on a different world far from our own but similar in many aspects. Unfortunately, Gaea is in unrest due to a civil war caused by the collapse of its main country, Poronia, and rifts between the people and how the conflict should be addressed is commonplace. For those who are unable to fend for their own or simply want to live in a less stressful environment, settlements built around the old subway lines were established far underground from the surface. Over time these settlements became sustainable cities, and the sovereign housing them known simply as the Underground.

Of course, it was only a matter of time until people got upset about the Underground for various reasons, and a string of murders soon followed involving Underground workers and even government representatives secretly allied with them. Fearing that enemies would soon strike again and eventually destroy them, the Committee forms a group of eight ragtag investigators from around the area to hunt down the suspects and stop the killer before more lives are claimed.


Sketches of some of the male characters for reference. From left to right, Adam, Harvey, and Charles.

As I continue to work on the project, I’m going to work on the main pitch/synopsis though, so it isn’t so dry (I’m just trying to avoid spoilers here). That will be tested later on when the working prototype is ready. But for those that enjoy visual novels, mystery/thrillers, or even a mix of both (most VN’s tend to be romance related, after all), I hope it will pique some interest!

I always had wanted to work on a game based around my series and characters for a long time, and since it’s only me (and hopefully an assisting artist who has voiced interest) working on it right now, I can’t do too much that would involve a heavy game engine. I am an artist and illustrator, so programming is not my strong point but I do know how to do it (mainly for web though). So naturally with what’s out there, a visual novel was the way to go here. I mainly wanted to convey a story to strengthen the IP I already have going on for years. While there are puzzle elements and choice options (like of Ace Attorney), the game is meant to segway into the books, and from there if it’s well-received, hopefully I can continue to do more based on those stories instead, with a proper development team.

Anyway, I will go more into game engines another day for this project though, because I just changed over from Construct 2 to Ren’py. Ironically the latter was my first choice, but I was unsure if it could port over to mobile. (I really wanted the game to available on Android, not just PC; there’s too many romance VN’s on Android! Some of them are very good though.) Of course, as of this year, Ren’py can now port over to Android, so now I switched and am much happier! I even got caught up with what I already had worked on in my other build, so progress is looking very good.

The next time I update about the project, aside from my more descriptive journey with working with both programs, I also intend to have a nice demo screenshot of the game. Can’t promise that the graphics will be finalized, but I’d like to have something else to show besides sketches and deviantArt links, you know what I mean? At any rate, take care and thanks for reading!


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