Fisher Price: My First Convention Panel

I apologize for the wait between my last post regarding some news on New York Comic-Con, but I’m glad I waited it out because I have an exciting announcement after all! Originally, I had submitted a panel under my county’s library association and while it didn’t get picked by Reed Pop, last week I was asked to fill in for a panelist on a cosplay and libraries panel that did make it in. I usually do game design at my library, but as some of you may know I am a longtime cosplayer, and was more than happy to assist in this amazing opportunity! My first convention panel! The news is still sinking in.

Since the panel is on cosplay, my review on the experience will be at my Etsy blog when the time comes, but I will still link to it for those that are curious.

As of gamedev news, I’m migrating to Scratch for my next crop of game design classes, and when I am able to enter in gamejams again, I’m also considering using it as my engine the next time around. I always wanted to make a word game. I’m a sucker for Text Twist and other scramblers.

Popping in an update

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of updates here. I’ve been busy preparing for some events in the summer, so gamedev has been on the backburner until most of it is out of the way. I am happy to announce however, that I’ll be attending New York Comic-Con on Thursday kudos to a Professional pass from my employer. I look forward to the awesome panels and seeing some old friends that day, and since my panels are in the morning, I will also be sneaking in a cosplay for the afternoon.

Hopefully I will have more to report when that comes around, but for now that’s all I can say :). Hope everyone is doing well, and stay cool this summer!

Reached 20 follows!

I’ve been meaning to post about this the other day, but I wanted to set aside some time to thank people for following this blog and its crazy adventures in the world of indiedev. When I dusted off this former art review blog from my undergrad years, I was unsure of how well it would do or if any other indies even used this place still. I’m happy to see that people still use places like Blogspot and WordPress for their devlogs, hobby blogs, or even businesses, and since even moving my own Etsy shop blog over to here now, I can happily say I never regretted the switch!

I’ll also take this time to give a tiny update on the blog here. I switched around some of the widgets at the left so navigating or finding things made more sense. You can now search any topics that I may have covered, or simply find them in the cloud-style tags. Besides my regular classic navigation on the top bar, you can also choose to select the bigger ones under the Categories section.

Thank you all again for your support!

New Etsy blog coming soon!

As some of you might remember (or maybe even know, I’m not sure), I run an Etsy shop and lately I’ve also been selling at local conventions at artist alleys. My blog for it has moved sites a few times, but today I finally decided that WordPress should be its home. I’m so surprised by how well this blog has done for my gamedev journeys, and I know crafters and other shopkeepers alike also use WordPress a lot also.

Feel free to follow the new blog in the mean time, but it won’t be completely ready for business until the end of the month. Like some of my other outlets like Pinterest and Instagram, not only will it be dedicated to updates regarding my Etsy and new shop items, but it will feature works in progress of projects (both personal and for the shop), and even some free tutorials if you’re an adventurious DIY-er like I am! If you’re worried if this blog will wither into the wind, don’t worry, this will still be maintained for my gamedev like normal.


Ironically, this announcement also comes in minutes after one of my local conventions officially announced me for their Dealer’s Room again! I’m so excited! It’s a fantastic convention run by the same hard-working folks as one of our larger ones here on Long Island, and I had a great time at this smaller one that opened last year. If you’re in the Long Island, NY area, please stop by this con in the summertime and say hi!

Taking some time to spread some cheer!

Things have been quiet lately here for this blog; way to go holidays for making my little DIY self busy with gifts! I’m almost done with one last one, and even then I actually didn’t get to complete it in time for Christmas. But I figure wrapping what I have so far to the recipient is good enough, and then by this time next year the final product will be completed.

So of course with the holidays here, progress has been slower for the VN than I’d like it to be, but I do what I can. I am done with chapter one’s script though, and I’ve decided that the demo version will contain both the prologue and chapter one instead. The prologue is a teaser yes, but it still has loose ends even in terms of gameplay. Chapter one includes a bit more puzzle mechanics, so even as a demo it’ll be enough to offer the player what the rest of the game will be like in that sense. As of story I hope it carries well enough for them to consider completing the rest of the game for a reasonable one-time purchase, but that’ll be something I have to test.

Other than that, can’t complain yet about the Ren’py build, but right now I’m using stock photos as backgrounds still, and avatars have not been made yet so I’m not going to wrestle placements and changes until the majority of the prologue’s code is completed. I do have my lovely typeface though, and the more I work with the build the more I love it, and love how it helps to pull the game altogether. I love my typography, so finding proper type in any design work I do is extremely important. Nothing is worse than ruining a great design piece with crappy type.

Aside from all that, hoping I can update again for next week but that’s New Year’s so I can’t promise that. However one of my next topics lined up is a continuation of the Developers Cagematch! except I can’t seem to find myself a contender for the program in question (and I’ve gone through about 5 of them. That’s how bad they were). There also is the avatar spreadsheet, except half of the time my faces seem to screw up on me.

Regardless of how bad my art can get sometimes though, people love seeing it anyway. I’ve had people write to me here online how they’re happy I hit that Publish/Post/Upload button because it cheers them up when they’re down. And that’s for things I draw basically because I just need to draw. It’s not for a client, not for a project in particular, just drawing something silly or with someone’s whole hand missing by accident (yes that has happened!), or one eye wandering over to the other side of the face like a flounder.

It’s times like that when I’m drawing just to draw where I do wonder if any of this matters, or if I’ll get better or worse, or if one day I’ll be able to uproot myself from where I am and move on up the ladder. Most of the time I feel like the answers to those questions are a big loud “NO”, so I’m happy when any feedback comes my way that means what I’m doing has validation and actually has some sort of meaning. I’m thankful that I’m with supportive family and friends, and part of a growing community of equally supportive artists who want to take themselves to the next level just like myself, and like Olympic athletes we challenge ourselves every day even when others want to shake us and scream that what we do is already good enough and that there’s nothing more to improve.

While I agree what we do is good, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Just don’t hurt yourself over it. Take everything as a blessing, and never give up and never stop! Here’s to 2014 being a better year than the last, and with more to offer than before.

Popping in on some updates

I was going to update last week but the holiday weekend got the best of me. I hope everyone also had a great one as well!

I was going to save this week’s update on promoting an artist event I was participating in on Saturday, but it was canceled unfortunately :(. So now the remainder of my week will be spent working on a different game for testing on Friday, as well as prepping for a preorder item for my shop.

As of my own game, I’ve been working more on it but due to the holidays and other things springing up, I don’t have anything fancy to show, but I will next week’s update. In the mean time, I’ll go ahead and promote my Etsy.

I make accessories such as hairbows and scarves, as well as character plushies and other geekery items. Aside from vintage items and supplies, the rest of these things are handmade. Currently I’m having a holiday sale until December 31st; use the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for 30% off your purchase!

I’ll be back next week with a better game dev update.