PSA on Version Control and Renaming Directories

I figure I should really update, since it’s almost a month since my last post. Aside from other dev things, I had received an Etsy order to be commissioned, so a good portion of my time was spent on that, but the end result looks beautiful and the customer was very happy! With that completed at last, I sat down the other day to finally continue coding my game…

Which ended up with me fighting with Ren’py and my files for two hours because I renamed my directory since clearing and reinstalling everything on my computer.

So this post will just serve as a conscious reminder to fellow devs, and anyone else new to developing! This also applies to any other digital projects (Photoshop designs, so on). Remember to use version control and where you saved your stuff!

Fortunately I was able to find where the directory is listed in my files’ code, so I simply had to rename them to the current directory on my computer, and then back up the new file for future reference. Something as simple as this can be very troublesome if not done properly (or frequently); just the thought of losing hours of work on my game was enough to make me lose my mind!

There are a variety of ways to version control aside from saving multiple file copies and other standard practices (saving on flash or external hard drives, which is what I do). If you’re working in a team and need to exchange files using the Cloud, having a private server large enough to hold your files is extremely helpful. Dropbox is a good place to check out, but if you’re working on a gigantic 3D FPS using Maya assets, you’re gonna need something more heavy-duty, so keep that in mind. Github is also another common Cloud service people use (and may be able to hold larger files than a basic Dropbox can, but I haven’t worked on anything with massive files before so correct me!).

This is also true for when files are renamed since the names are case sensitive. If possible even version-controlling your assets is also helpful, in case one bugs up and has to be fixed. By sticking to practice, even if you accidentally crash or bug your current version (and it will happen), if you saved to a previous working version, you can easily pull it up and get back to business! Happy developing!