A word on Project: Mittens and others

Two announcements! First off, I can finally release artwork and a demo based on the 2D RPG game I was working on with a colleague, Project: Mittens. Link opens to the demo we have so far, and a more finalized version will be out at September 30th.

Starting classes you can choose from, at left to right and top to bottom: Ninja, Wizard, Monk, and Engineer.


Example of one of the enemies you’ll be fighting, a rat. Armor coming soon!


In the mean time, a working demo is almost finalized for The Chair: Prison Break, based off of the successfully funded graphic-novel-to-indie-movie Kickstarter. Surprisingly enough, I got collisions working, and some obstacles and projectiles are now moving across the screen! (Will have a better gif at the end of the week to demonstrate this.)

Of all things though, the next hurdle became showing the player how many lives they have left! Arrays didn’t work, and when I used spritesheets instead, Marmalade decided to run out of memory and crash the game for the night. I’ll have to come up with a backup solution for the time being, but it’s a method I’m not fond of using for the final release unless nothing else works.

The demo is due by the weekend, so my next update will have all of the goodness I can show for, as the game wraps up quickly. I’m excited to finish up this amazing project, it’s taught me well on the ins and outs of Lua, and while some parts can still be frustrating, it’s becoming to make more sense to me. I’ve even looked at my code now and realized how much more efficient I can make it for the final release.

So with that, Project Mittens, and This Game Is Not A Dating Sim being wrapped up for demos soon, it’s fun seeing everything come together in one big package. For so long everything I’ve done or helped with has been under development that it felt like there was no end in sight. Good to see some great feedback out of it!


Speaking of, two Let’s Players reviewed my game for Insanity Jam #2! One was brought on by Lone Roach Studios and was quite extensive and amusing to watch! I didn’t even notice I had a few grammatical errors in the dialogue, so I appreciate him going out of his way to really provide good feedback with his LP!

The 2nd is Jupiter Hadley, who did a brief LP for all of the submitted games. I recommend watching through all of them (many on there I liked myself), but if you wanna jump to just mine, it’s towards the end. A great shoutout no less!

Currently, the game is still tied for first place for the jam with a whopping 8 out of 10! I kindly ask you again to spread the word, and play and vote if you hadn’t yet. You have until August 11th! (I was misinformed last time, you have an extra day!) Thank you, and good luck everyone!

‘Compendium’ is now available to play + vote for!


Testing .gif of the quiz playthrough in “Compendium”.

My text adventure is finally complete for the Insanity Jam 2014! It was quite the journey but I learned a lot! And possibly may have conquered my fear of intense javascript. Please check the official submission thread at the Insanity Jam 2014 forums, where the download link will be (you will need to install Quest to play it, link is also at the thread). If you’re able to vote that would be greately appreciated (not just for myself but for some of the other fantastic games other devs did)! Last day of voting is April 15th so get playing!


There are also a few known bugs so please be aware that I may know of them already, and plan to fix them as I continue coding the game. If there’s a new bug or other mechanic that you come across, please let me know! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

C’mon and slam, and welcome to the game jam

I apologize for being quiet here these past couple of days. I had just finished holding a dealers table at LI-Con, a local con within my area. I did extremely well and am planning to return to next year again. Soon after it ended, an online game jam started, and I’ve been busy building a game to complete its deadline.

I am working on a HTML5 text adventure game called “Compendium”, for Insanity Jam 2014. In the game, you play as a busted-up book in the back office discard pile of a library. You have to solve puzzles in order to gain back pages and repair yourself before morning comes. There will be multiple short routes, so the player is encouraged to play through the game more than once, in order to become different wacky book subjects.

So far the intro itself is already done, just a matter of figuring out the javascript to add some actual puzzle gameplay. By end of tomorrow I hope to have at least one route done, with up to three by the end of the jam’s development timeline.


ASCII art and room description so far.

As you can see, it’s very old-school looking. The idea that the generator gave me just fit very well, and at least now I can tell people I actually made a game about a library! I’ve been working part-time at my local library for a number of years now, so it’s a bit of an inside joke when I talk about developing games.

That aside, I’m having issues with CoronaSDK (what else is new), but once I finish this jam I can return to taking a better look of that mess. By next week’s update I will have a link to the finished game jam..game..and you can play it! Don’t forget to vote as well!